Gambling Laws In Michigan

Under the rule of federal law, conducting a gambling operation is a serious crime. The Federal Wire Act and the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) both lay down strict guidelines in that the act of facilitating bets to gain a profit is a big no-no. The laws do not however, prevent the small and casual bettor from making a wager so long as he or she is not engaging in the business of gambling.

With this exception being noted, one who wishes to socially gamble legally must refer to their home state's laws in order to determine what they may or may not do. Michigan is a state that has taken it upon itself to formulate its own gambling legislation to expand upon the all-encompassing laws of the federal government. This page exists to aid and assist residents of the Michigan in how to interpret their own laws and then how to apply them to safe and legal gambling in the land of Great Lakes.

Legality of Gambling in Michigan - Is It Legal?

Michigan is a more relaxed state than others when it comes to gambling as there are numerous state-sanctioned and tribal casinos operating within the state. Although the gambling laws in Michigan do indeed have many prohibitive and restricting features in their language, it is intended to put a stop to proprietors who intend to make a profit from the business of gambling and not those who partake in the act. This lines up similarly with federal laws which do not seek to punish a social or casual gambler. In short, do not operate an unlicensed gambling facility, establishment or betting ring in any way shape or form and you will likely be left alone by authorities for placing a bet among friends on the Wolverines.

Michigan is relaxed albeit highly regulated because it is relaxed. This may sound strange but it is simple in the sense that Michigan authorities are only out to maximize the potential earnings of licensed casinos as the state rakes in approximately $300,000,000 per year in revenue from them and they do not want that hefty take being compromised by unlicensed operations. Michigan also has a successful lottery as well a long history of pari-mutuel betting through horse racing. Needless to say, there are gambling opportunities for residents in the state and finding them is not difficult.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board is the entity which regulates gambling within the state and although they ask citizens to report any acts of illegal gambling, there is no instance of casual bettors being prosecuted for say, playing a home game of Texas Hold'em behind the closed doors of their own home. The main function of the board is to maintain licensed facilities such as the 3 casinos in Detroit and not necessarily police citizen's private gambling habits. Locals are able to gamble on traditional casino games and play live poker in Michigan but sports betting is still non-existent in a live setting.

Land-Based Gambling In Michigan

With Michigan having such vast gambling regulations of state licensed facilities, it is not hard for one to find a place to play a game of live poker, take a chance on the slots or engage in a game of blackjack with a dealer. The main state-sanctioned casinos are located in Detroit with the MGM Grand Detroit being the most popular destination. Players can expect to find nearly 4000 slots and video poker machines, 98 table games and a vast poker room all housed in a luxurious environment complete with entertainments, food and beverages and even a spa.

The Great Lakes State doesn't only harbor state-sanctioned casinos though, as there are a number of tribal casinos throughout the state. There are a total of twelve federally-acknowledged Indian tribes that enjoy the freedom to operate their own casinos under the Indian Gaming Act. In all, there are 23 tribal casinos scattered across the state offering everything aside from sports betting.

Online Gambling In Michigan

Michigan is one of the few states that actually did bother to go about enacting online gambling legislation back in 1999 but repealed the law the following year. To date, there is absolutely no law pertaining to online gambling in the state of Michigan so residents must refer to federal laws on the matter. Between the Wire Act and PASPA, we know that operating a gambling site to facilitate bets online is highly illegal but the simple act of placing a bet is not. This means that Michigan residents can feel free to gamble online so long as they visit gambling sites that accept Michigan residents which operate in foreign territories, outside of U.S. jurisdiction. This may sound suspect but it is indeed a simple fact that many folks all across the nation have been taking advantage of for years to the point where Americans now wager $250 billion per year just on sports.

Foreign online casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks are available to all Michigan residents and finding one that is reputable and to one's taste is easy. A few of these online gambling networks are as close as Canada and offer extremely secure banking transactions with a long track-record for paying out their members quickly and efficiently, many of them residing in Michigan. Locals in the Wolverine State are able to wager on any of the major forms of gambling ranging from Blackjack to Texas Hold'em and even College Football spreads. Lucky residents looking to collect winnings can typically receive a check directly to their front door within two weeks.

Popular Gambling Options In Michigan:

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Out of the many online gambling options available to Michigan residents, none stand as prominent as Bovada. Located just to the east outside of Montreal, this online gambling site has been offering every form of gambling all within one convenient site for decades. Whether it be sports betting or poker as your preferred method of wagering, Bovada features one of the most streamlined web interfaces in the industry with either desktop, laptop or mobile platforms available to members.

Signing up with the long time trailblazer only takes minutes and their discreet and secure deposit methods will have Michigan locals placing bets in no time. Bovada also offers some of the most generous welcome bonuses in the online gambling community. Their online sportsbook applies a whopping 100% increase to a new member's initial deposit which can be worth up to $250. This provides a hefty jump start for getting into all of the exciting betting action through a wide range of sports and ridiculously vast array of betting options. Michigan residents are welcome to join 24/7 as many others already have.

Legal Michigan Gambling Sites
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What Is The Legal Age To Gamble In Michigan?

The legal gambling age in the State of Michigan is 18 however some of the land-based casinos may set their own age restrictions at 21 due to the sale of alcoholic beverages. The online gambling sites which we recommend however are available to all adult residents in Michigan aged 18 or older.

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